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Coral Purple Vintage Gothic Dream Cloak

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Prix d'origine $240.00
Prix d'origine $240.00 - Prix d'origine $240.00
Prix d'origine $240.00
Prix actuel $119.95
$119.95 - $119.95
Prix actuel $119.95


Each of out original dream cloaks is a masterpiece; handcrafted at our factory with vibrant artwork and plush sherpa lining. 


Vibrant colors

warm, ultra-soft micro sherpa


Unisex Sizing

Ultra Premium Frabrics and 


The piece of apparel for festivals, parties, sporting events or even camping. This All Over Print Hooded Cloak feels like a dream. With Custom printed designs., you can show off your style. All your friends and family will be jealous. 


  • Time for prepare products: 5-7 business days
  • Shipping time: 15- 25 business days

-Please Make sure to check your size dimensions from our chart to select the correct size, avoid to select as your habit. We only send replacement or refund if there is a quality issues/product damage during delivery.

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